Free Backing Track

For those of you hoping to someday jam with Steve Vai, I've recreated his standard D backing track. You can play D min pentatonic or get modal and switch between D aeolian and D Dorian (or any mode really with a minor 7). Anyway it's a 5 minute loop so you can play around with lots of ideas.
Just click the link below to download.


Easing into 2017

Hey Folks,
Not much new to report. I've been recording some stuff for other people and chipping away at my own songs for a CD. There will be some free lessons and another instalment in the solo composition series coming along in the not to distant future. All in all though, 2017 has started off as a bit unproductive as far as being able to make more videos.
I haven't disappeared though, so stay tuned. Subscribe to my youtube channel or wander over to the store and see if one of the lessons there grabs your attention.
Chat soon!

BRS Fabulous Holiday Sale!

Hey Folks,
From now until Jan 2 you can get either mine, or Kelly Kereliuk's solo lessons (or both) for HALF PRICE!
If you've been on the fence about getting these, they are in-depth lessons and there is much more to them than just the solo's being taught.
We discuss different approaches to building a solo, as well as just plain showing some awesome licks that can be expanded on and used in your every day playing.
….and did I mention they're HALF PRICE!?!

Coupon Code: HOHOHO

Check out the BRS Store for the trailers!


New Song by Jeff Ainsworth

Hey Folks,
This is an early morning run-through of one of the tracks from my CD I'm working on.
It's a song called Low Blow. I wrote it quite a while back but finally recorded it the way I want. I started with the bass line then built on it from there.
The stellar drums are played by Rory Faciane. I recorded it on my iPhone, so it's just the room sound (not a mix).
I hope you like it.


Creative Solo Composition lesson...

Available now!
Head over to the BRS store to get more info.
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Check out the trailer!


Coming Soon!

Hey Folks! I'll be releasing a new comprehensive solo writing series starting in August. This will be the first of 3 unique face melting solos available at BRS. I will be discussing my thought process as far as the writing the compositions. Then I'll be teaching the solos note for note, 1 bar at a time. There will also be performance tips to get you playing them up to speed. I've spent lots of time teaching some awesome licks; THIS is what you need to tie it all together and start using them. Lessons will include a HD video, Guitar pro 5 and 6 tab (and a pdf) and backing track. My Facebook friends (new and old) will all get a steep discount via coupon codes, available here in my FB page!
Stay tuned!!
Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 2.47.35 PM

Guest Solo

Hey Folks, Ive been busy lately. Here's a little guitar solo that I wrote and recorded as part of a larger project. Sorry about the sound quality, it's just recorded with the camera mic picking up the room audio. Enjoy!


Outside Blues Soloing Ideas

Hey Folks,
This is a total off-the-cuff follow up video for a private Skype lesson I did. I covered a few topics including building outside blues licks from the blues scale and an extended blues scale. Also, building strength in the pinky and ring finger by making up an alternate picking exercise that prevent muscle fatigue. It's a pretty loose format lesson, but I think there are a few good ideas in there for extending beyond the standard Minor Pentatonic box.


Skype Lessons Now Available

I'm trying to make learning guitar more convenient for you all!
Now you can enjoy guitar lessons while basking in the warm glow of your computer screens!
The price is $25.00 CAD for 30 minutes, or $40.00 CAD for one hour. There will also be discounts for returning students that pre-book blocks of 4 or more lessons.

Jeff lesson

New lessons coming!

New lessons coming!
I've been busy lately but I'm hopefully back on track with making some videos.
The next few lessons are already shot and cover some basic guitar parts and maintenance topics.
This is content for the beginner section of
Also you might have noticed I've revamped the look of the website header.
I wanted to get away form the cliche logo with the guitar… and lean towards the new TM version.
So in keeping with that you'll also notice a new video intro with the new logo.

Here's the first lesson on Parts of the guitar…