Skype Lessons Now Available

I'm trying to make learning guitar more convenient for you all!
Now you can enjoy guitar lessons while basking in the warm glow of your computer screens!
The price is $25.00 CAD for 30 minutes, or $40.00 CAD for one hour. There will also be discounts for returning students that pre-book blocks of 4 or more lessons.

Jeff lesson

New lessons coming!

New lessons coming!
I've been busy lately but I'm hopefully back on track with making some videos.
The next few lessons are already shot and cover some basic guitar parts and maintenance topics.
This is content for the beginner section of
Also you might have noticed I've revamped the look of the website header.
I wanted to get away form the cliche logo with the guitar… and lean towards the new TM version.
So in keeping with that you'll also notice a new video intro with the new logo.

Here's the first lesson on Parts of the guitar…


Valentines Day sale!

Hey Folks,
I thought I'd show you the love, so starting today and continuing over the Valentines Day weekend I'm reducing the price of The Kelly Kereliuk lesson to $5.99 from $9.95!! There are a TON of really great ideas in that solo lesson that you can expand on and incorporate into your own playing. Make sure to check it out and grab your copy NOW!