A min / G# dim7 sweep picking lick

This is a little 3 string sweep picking exercise I wrote using A min and G#dim7 arpeggios. Kind of gives a harmonic minor vibe in the style of Yngwie Malmsteen. Practice slow and build up speed and accuracy.


Descending Harmonic Minor Lick

Here it is folks, my first official lesson. It’s a bit advanced but pretty easy to follow along with. Just practice slow and work on accuracy. You’ll build up your speed as your fingers get used to the pattern.
It’s what I call a 4 over 3 scale pattern. 4 notes on 1 string and 3 on the other to make 7 notes in the scale. It’s a very efficient way of moving scales up and down.
Here I’m applying it in a very “Yngwie” (ish) style in A harmonic minor. It can be used in any mode and with any pattern. I’ll have a lot of examples of this in the members only section, along with different pattern types.

There will be a pile of lessons for you beginners soon enough. Some of it might seem ridiculously simple to the more advanced players, but it’s geared specifically for people just starting and with little or no experience.
Play hard!