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  • I-101 5 String Sweep Picking Arpeggios
    In this lesson I teach the 3 main triad shapes on the A string as 5 string arpeggios. Major, minor and diminished. From there we explore how to harmonize the major scale using them. These are movable patterns, so if your root is C (3rd Fret) and you play a Major Arpeggio you are playing a C Maj Arpeggio. If you play the exact same shape 2 frets up on the a String you are now playing a D Maj arpeggio and so on.
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  • I-102 The Woody Woodpecker Lick
    This lick is a trick I use a fair bit. It's not really a lesson for the Woody Woodpecker theme, but more about how I use that fast arpeggio rhythm to enhance my phrasing over scales. I hope you enjoy it!

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  • I-103 Outside Blues Soloing Ideas
    Hey Folks, This is a total off-the-cuff follow up video for a private Skype lesson I did. I covered a few topics including building outside blues licks from the blues scale and an extended blues scale. Also, building strength in the pinky and ring finger by making up an alternate picking exercise that prevent muscle fatigue. It's a pretty loose format lesson, but I think there are a few good ideas in there for extending beyond the standard Minor Pentatonic box.

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