Getting Closer

I’m pretty sure nobody’s reading this, but figured I’d offer a bit of an update for anyone who stumbles onto this site. I’m still recording lessons and they’re going to be AWESOME!
I’ve now got amazing picture and audio quality, far beyond what I thought I’d get being a one man show. When I started this project in December I knew nothing about web design or video editing. All I wanted to do was make great guitar lessons available, not realizing the back end work!
On your right, there is a Members Login window, but until I have a whack of content I’m not going to enable it. I’m also not really promoting this site yet either, for the same reason. If you have been checking in for updates, I’ve added a “Stuff I Like” page under the About Jeff section. Not terribly exciting, but it’s something. In the next few weeks I’ll begin uploading shorter free lessons to Youtube that will link here. The Members only section will have the extended lessons as well as accompanying downloadable material.

Until then, play hard!