BRS Fabulous Holiday Sale!

Hey Folks,
From now until Jan 2 you can get either mine, or Kelly Kereliuk's solo lessons (or both) for HALF PRICE!
If you've been on the fence about getting these, they are in-depth lessons and there is much more to them than just the solo's being taught.
We discuss different approaches to building a solo, as well as just plain showing some awesome licks that can be expanded on and used in your every day playing.
….and did I mention they're HALF PRICE!?!

Coupon Code: HOHOHO

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Coming Soon!

Hey Folks! I'll be releasing a new comprehensive solo writing series starting in August. This will be the first of 3 unique face melting solos available at BRS. I will be discussing my thought process as far as the writing the compositions. Then I'll be teaching the solos note for note, 1 bar at a time. There will also be performance tips to get you playing them up to speed. I've spent lots of time teaching some awesome licks; THIS is what you need to tie it all together and start using them. Lessons will include a HD video, Guitar pro 5 and 6 tab (and a pdf) and backing track. My Facebook friends (new and old) will all get a steep discount via coupon codes, available here in my FB page!
Stay tuned!!
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New lessons coming!

New lessons coming!
I've been busy lately but I'm hopefully back on track with making some videos.
The next few lessons are already shot and cover some basic guitar parts and maintenance topics.
This is content for the beginner section of
Also you might have noticed I've revamped the look of the website header.
I wanted to get away form the cliche logo with the guitar… and lean towards the new TM version.
So in keeping with that you'll also notice a new video intro with the new logo.

Here's the first lesson on Parts of the guitar…


Cool Basement Rockstar® merchandise coming soon!

Hey all.
As you may, or may not know, Basement Rockstar® has been a registered Trademark since last year.
My hope is to make it a brand synonymous with guitar (or music in general) learning and sharing. Lets face it (and be completely honest with ourselves) we all want to be rockstars in one form or another. The harsh reality is that for most of us, making a living at music just isn't a reality. After all, we have bills to pay, mouths to feed…and gear lust that must be met!!
Does that mean the dream is dead? HELL NO! In the meantime, it will just manifest itself into an amazing hobby that some of us will share and some of us will choose as a way to express and vent our feelings privately.
For many of us, music has bitten into our souls and the creative juices will always flow deep.

I want Basement Rockstar® to be a brand that we all share. When we wear a Basement Rockstar® t-shirt, I want people that see it as a symbol of our love of music. I want all of us who wear the name to be proud that we are Basement Rockstars. That we accept our role as educators and fellow musicians to each other. Brothers and sisters in music.

I have already started some product development. These will be announced and become available very shortly.
Be proud and play loud Rockstars!


BRS Pick

Sooo 2015 eh?

Sorry I've been a bit elusive the last few months. I've been recording a bit, and coming up with some fresh new ideas for lessons. I'll be posting more "licks in the style of" as well as some other cool stuff I've been working out. I'll also have a few original song videos coming out…
My Ozzy Osbourne "Over the Mountain" cover video got pulled by youtube, so I'm going to limit my cover songs to solos and lessons for them.
There is also a new link to my Facebook page on the website here, so make sure you like my Page. I post other stuff there that I stumble across from time to time.
Stay tuned for more.